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Beyond This Point

   Q: How can Higgenbottom and scientists get away with spending half a trillion dollars for their particle accelerator toys? A: Good point Mr. Sam. I know him pretty well and Pete has good insight into his ways. First, he learned what Tesla did not. J.P. Morgan thought Tesla was crazy to propose cheap energy for every household. J.P. saw zillions in profits. To him, Tesla’s honesty was madness. Higgenbottom has no such problem lying to politicians and committees. He knows he can get all the money he wants and makes promises to them he has no intention of keeping. If you keep asking questions, you get brilliant mathematicians that are told to run rings around them. “Yes, we formulated this latest theory by informational mathematics…” Everyone in the audience bobbing their heads up and down, acting like they know what the guy is talking about.

C: Listening to the radio this morning, I heard that one in five parents don’t have any knowledge of their children’s school security procedures. It’s probably more like half the parents don’t know or have any security procedures in place in case of an incident or disaster. A: This is a good article to read about one school  –  That’s a lot of money for school security but the badges are a good thing with built in chips and even checkpoints. I know, it’s kind of sad that we have to think this way but we live in a brave new world. Lockdown should also consist of eSecurity that includes a visio type mapping of the school and the ability to press a button and lock down rooms. It’s a good idea to talk about disaster procedures to kids and practice a little. All cell phones should receive alerts from the PD and the school principle’s office. I could go on and on. Let me know if you like these type of community service posting here.

C: We get new readers every day and they always ask the same questions. I’ve made an attempt to link some introductory information but if you want to catch up while there’s time, I suggest reading the story, Back to Bellinghams, which introduces me. The Missing Math Man, introduces Merle Rollins and the story, Dr. Higgenbottom, Chief scientist at the Xevatron.








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