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Beyond This Point

   Q: Davia, you sound like the prophetess of doom sometimes. A: I like that title. But I’m not a doomster, just going to describe how particle accelerators and Mars are related with some help from my friends. Q: It’s okay to talk about social issues DN, you’re a wit!. A: Better than being called a nitwit I guess. A: I don’t want to get too caught up with issues that I can’t do nothing about. For instance, I heard this morning that Medicare is going to get 214 billion dollars back for doctor payments. But I also heard they’re taking it from the poor – Medicade. Someone speaking with “fork tongue.” C: That’s what I mean, you pick up on stuff like that. Why don’t you go on twitter? A: Then I’ll be a twitwit. Q: Is your high IQ artificial Davia?  “The real objective of IA is to create super-Einsteins, persons qualitatively smarter than any human being that has ever lived. There will be a number of steps on the way there. Story. A: Wow, sounds interesting. The more we understand the brain, the easier it is to see how IQ boosting is possible. Hint. Smarter people’s brains resonate at 170 Mhz upward. Q: I know your a smart kid, but don’t start with that BS about CERN’s startup possibly causing interference with that Airbus. A: I’m not going there, but we do know that black holes and strangelets are going to be produced. If the particle accelerator hit 10 TeV or better, the possibility exists. C: Don’t you read the news, it was the co-pilot! A: It amazes me that the pilot did not have a key to get in to his own cockpit? Anyway, this is interesting: “Black box memory card stolen from crash site of Germanwings jetliner?” Story  Q: Have you read this 17 YO girls blog? “I’m 17 with an Anxiety disorder – I deserve better. Story  C: My question – comment is, you seem so balanced and smart, why don’t you join her campaign? A: I read the blog. It’s kind of sad that so many teens are so stressed. I did not attend high school for one thing. I think it was a blessing. Too much peer pressure and really outdated education techniques. I have to stay off social websites but anyone is welcome to comment or write here.

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