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Beyond This Point
Beyond This Point

C: Beyond This Point is the latest book with 5 different stories. Excerpt from the story, Dr. Higgenbottom.

“The tunnel with the gold laid out in it, Doctor?”

“The special tunnel is built for creating and holding anti-matter. When matter and anti-matter meet, they go poof. One of the reasons we don’t give much credit to the big bang theory is because the amount of matter and anti-matter should have been equal…” Higgenbottom almost whispered now.

“What happens if you really do create a black hole in the middle of it all?”

“As you said, we’ve probably already done it, Pete. We’re waiting to make it bigger and last longer.”

“Sounds like a candy bar the way you describe it, Doctor.” Higgenbottom laughed. Pete thought he really did seem like a kid in a candy shop.

“We’ve spent lots of time and money down here, Pete, and we’re going for it, soon I hope. Pushing ze envelope, we may even create a white hole.”

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The Next Act
   The Next Act

 The Next Act is our second detective book with 20 different stories. 




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The story, Gold Fever, is also on audio below: As gold climbed to $900 an ounce, more and more gold commercials popped up. I never had the desire to own gold or the money to buy any, for that matter, but obviously people did. I received a call from my friend Frank Parsons one evening, asking me if I would be interested in a short-term security job C: The entire story on audio –   


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