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Beyond This Point

C: I was reading something about missing scientists and remember your story Dr. Higgenbottom?  A: The first thing the boys did when they took on the case at the Xevatron was to start looking for 2 technicians that disappeared. Here, Jim and Pete have traveled to TX and attending the initial interview –

Dr. Higgenbottom went on to tell us about the Xevatron particle accelerator without going into too much detail. Finally, with all the information and lack thereof, I inquired, “So what are you looking for us to solve here?”

It was Jen who answered. “Jim, two technicians have disappeared. We’ve searched high and low for them. Just about every inch of the place has been searched and there is no sign of either of them so far deep underground.”

By the term “the place” I inferred that Jen was talking about the Xevatron, and I was a bit confused, asking, “I thought the Xevatron’s tunnels were only a few meters underground?”

“That’s the top rings, Jim. We’re 150 meters underground, building the new …” Higgenbottom never finished, being interrupted by the director’s obviously fake cough.

I had nothing to lose by saying, “It isn’t easy to disappear underground and not be found. So, why do you think we can find them?”

Everyone smiled at my humility and, surprisingly, the deputy director answered, “Jim, I’ve read some of your cases. First and foremost, you’re a homicide detective, and you’ve specialized in missing persons cases. It’s not the only incident we’re faced with, but now, some of the engineers and technicians are afraid to walk the facility in fear of the unknown.”

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The story, Gold Fever, is also on audio below:

As gold climbed to $900 an ounce, more and more gold commercials popped up. I never had the desire to own gold or the money to buy any, for that matter, but obviously people did. I received a call from my friend Frank Parsons one evening, asking me if I would be interested in a short-term security job

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