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Beyond This Point

   I’m a story teller but it’s late in the day. If you check out some of the “esoteric” websites, they all say that something BIG is up. “People in the know, know where to go.” Someone wrote me asking my opinion about the H**RP energy system in Alaska. Considering what I’ve been writing about, it’s excellent timing I can tell you. Jim and Pete have taught me how to be a good researcher. It’s part of a detectives game. One must dig deep, stray off the topic occasionally and look for key words. I’ve never once seen the real reason why H**RP was built. Yes, you can look it up and see its abilities in weather modification, etc. But that’s not the reason for building this most unusual energy transmitter. It’s the same with the incident at Roswell. There was someone that found some unusual anomalies concerning this so called UFO cover up, but it takes research time. What can we do about them. How are they both related to the BIG event coming? How does a person like me know so much about them. I have to give some of the credit to Dr. H. and “mystery boy.”    

   If people visit occasionally or don’t read enough from either here or the books, how can I answer these questions efficiently? I do try. Please read the Intro.   Have I mentioned Time travel? Hocus pocus? Please read THIS STORY. Do I dream these stories up? No, there from prominent scientists. For example; If the universe has no beginning, does time as we know it, really exist at all? Story.  How many times do I have to prove what Dr. H. is saying is accurate? He’s about to create a black hole and then something more…

   C: I’m mad at you JJ & PJ. You simply disappeared off the net one day! And who is this Davia Newbury kid?  A: JJ & PJ need to disappear once in a while – they’re technical detectives with a full bag of tricks. As for me, Pete asked me if I wanted to maintain a website but hide it from Dr. Higgenbottom. You know – the scientist in charge of the Xevatron project who won’t let me publish this latest book as an ebook.  I’m Davia, writing for the Jesson detective team now.  Introduction   

     Q: Are you hiding out Davia Newbury? A: Yes. Q: Why? A: “They” want information. Q: What kind of information can a seventeen year old girl have? A: With a PhD and several trips to the Xevatron – much. But it’s not just that and I’m not really hiding, just undecided. What their planning is beyond my understanding and I think, theirs too. Creating black holes under the earth is not something done every day. I know they’ve taken precautions and Dr. H. is very brilliant. Yet, even the most brilliant of scientists express doubts and reservations…  Why? You’ve probably heard of the incident at Roswell, NM. It wasn’t a UFO at all, but designed to look like it and a cover up to keep people guessing. How do I know this? I spoke to “future boy” who told me what it really was. How is that related to everything going on now? Please share this site with your friends and I’ll share my info. with you.

   What should one do? Read the story, Dr. Higgenbottom if you want to be in the know, while there’s time. It is – all about time. Well, he won’t allow the ebook to be published as he says, “it’s too much knowledge for the masses.” Yes, the doctor is an arrogant cuss. I used to like and admire him but I don’t anymore. If you can afford it, click on the picture above and get it soon because when it happens, you’ll be able to explain it to the frightened. Higgenbottom laughed when I asked him about some of the consequences of running these new tests.

   Ever get songs stuck in your head? I was humming an old tune that goes something like, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…” After mentioning Hawking’s warning about restarting up CERN, I remember the party he threw sometimes, looking for, “time travelers.”  Was he serious? I believe so. After hearing rumors about past incidents, he and other physicists threw several parties. Did anyone show up? Maybe, but they denied it. Did you notice the party was thrown after CERN started up? – One person I know that could answer some of the questions one would pose to time travelers, did not offer any advise to the party throwers. You could call Merle Rollins a party pooper I guess. Merle is featured in the story, The Missing Math Man and also in the story, Dr. Higgenbottom. As mentioned on other websites, Merle drew out the path of the comet, ISON. He also stated that the comet would survive its trip around the sun, which it did. What’s strange about all this? Jim Jesson found the drawings in Merles’ locker in 2002, before anyone even knew about ISON. Years later, the party throwers went digging for anyone who published any information about ISON! They figured that this sort of knowledge could only come from a time traveler. Maybe Merle should have gone to the party, or, sent the person he suspected really was a time traveler. Amazing stuff – google it. Brilliant scientist and mathematician, Merle denied ever attempting to travel time himself. But he did not deny meeting someone that did. I’ve mentioned “future boy” in the story below. He wasn’t taken seriously but its an interesting and funny story. The story of future boy is for the future but both Jim and Pete want to speak with him in France, several months ago. He told them some interesting stories about attempts and cover-ups in time travel experiments…

Why care about the Xevatron? What’s the mystery all about? Just take a look at what’s happening at CERN: “CERN to attempt ‘Big Bang’ in March, Stephen Hawking Issues warning.” StoryEven other scientists are concerned about the amount of energy at this well known particle accelerator. When other scientists make comments like, “…is this CERN’s attempt to do so by attempting to ‘recreate’ the big bang within a man made structure that has frightened Stephen Hawking so much? Do they know that they know what they’re doing? – See Story  Remember “future boy.” I know – everyone laughs when we think about him. As strange as he was, he had an interesting warning to us. Our own scientists are re-quoting him! – Now, here comes another one nicknamed, Mystery boy. He warns Dr. H. and his staff that that they are heading into murky waters, attempting to re-create a black hole. The Deputy Director tells Jim and Pete during their initial meeting, “This guy shows up in a gray-brown uniform with no ID or badge. How did he get by an eye-scan?” Good question and another reason why they took on the case.  -  Before I go on, let me explain some of the mystery of the Xevatron’s design. Excerpt: Here, Pete asks the Agent-in-charge, Jen, some questions during dinner: “Jen, from what we heard, this project never got funded.” Jen answered, “Pete, it got funded, but it’s as secretive as Area 51.” We both smiled and she continued. “As best as I can describe it, they are hooking up this new Xevatron to the one that was never officially built, in a spiraling sort of way. Very strange stuff and all under the direction of Higgenbottom and team.”  –  Okay Davia Newbury, seems like CERN is determined to start up again, what are we supposed to do? Then you tell us things about the Xevatron? Why don’t they all chill out for a while? I never expected to so involved with a particle accelerator. I’m a chemist! I thought I would be proud of my accomplishment at 17, instead I feel like a dolt! I do know many things are going to happen this year and I’m going to tell them to you, believe what you want but remember you heard it here.






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