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Beyond This Point
Beyond This Point

C: Beyond This Point is the latest book with 5 different stories. The most infamous one is, Dr. Higgenbottom. Q: Perhaps you could print the Dr. H. story here? A: Perhaps. Q: I read this story and realized you all published this book in 2014, at least a year before this:
CERN Scientist Disappears – July 24, 2015 Story A: What an interesting story. I guess the Xevatron has its hazards:  

My detective wheels were spinning. Two missing technicians, in a highly secure enclosed environment. Now, a stranger gets in under security and introduces himself. I kept it inside while Pete worked them for information. I planned on getting more from Jen later. 

Meanwhile, Pete is confronting Higgenbottom only to find out he was suckered into the Xevatron project.

“People must be nervous, Doctor. After all, you say these guys just vanished. I’m sure most of the people involved are at least a little jumpy.”

“Yes, yes, Pete, everyone is jumpy, but as they say in the circus, ‘the show must go on,’” Higgenbottom said, kind of laughing.

Pete told me he bit his lip, thinking that so far, the whole place sounded like a circus. But he changed the subject and asked, “It’s great to see Merle Rollins again, Doctor, but why did you bring him into a project like this?”

“For the same reason I brought you into this, Pete.”

 Higgenbottom had numerous cards up his sleeve, keeping everyone on edge and planning to push the project there too -

“Maybe. He knows what he’s doing as far as the design is concerned. As far as the results are concerned, who knows? I think that’s why we’re here, Dad,” Pete said, laughing to himself. “He’s not so worried about a couple of missing techs as much as he’s worried that a few more may follow them.”

We took our first robocart ride -

As we came up to where the techs went missing, I slowed to a crawl, turned, and said to Pete, “They disappeared right around here, Pete.”

Pete nodded and just looked around, taking a video of the entire surroundings. We moved on. I pointed to the couple of holes in the wall and soon came upon TNS-2 again. We optioned to go around it slowly. The rest of the trip was uneventful; we saw only a security scooter flying by us at maximum speed and a couple of engineers working on some wires above the tube.

Later, Pete the Dr. H. take a robo ride together.

“Doctor, I don’t know if anyone reported it to you, but on our first trip out here, we experienced a powerful blue arc of high energy. “

“Yes?” said Higgenbottom enthusiastically, with a slight look of puzzlement on his face. He finally said, “I’ve heard this from engineers, but everything is on standby.”

“Doctor,” Pete said loudly, “it should not be happening at all. People’s lives are on the line in these tunnels and I’m sure they didn’t sign up for that.”

Higgenbottom wore a little sadness on his face, saying, “Pete, the arcs are an unexpected circumstance. I have directed a team to go around all the TNS-rooms for now while we’re waiting to enclose them. The physics behind the geometrical design is even surprising to me, Pete. I believe we may have harnessed incredible multi-dimensional energy forces that will aid in re-creating our new universe down here. Merle helped with the TNS calculations, not expecting the wonderful results we’ve had so far.


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The Next Act
   The Next Act

 The Next Act is our second detective book.




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The story, Gold Fever, is also on audio below: As gold climbed to $900 an ounce, more and more gold commercials popped up. I never had the desire to own gold or the money to buy any, for that matter, but obviously people did. I received a call from my friend Frank Parsons one evening, asking me if I would be interested in a short-term security job C: The entire story on audio –   


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